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It’s official, Gulliver is now in the hands of Mark Knowles, in the south of France!

Apparently he took a little detour by way of French customs but no harm done apparently. Gulliver is intact and ready to set out on a couple of days of … bear business? I’m informed that he’s going to spend some time in La Col sur Loup with Marks’ wife, which will be followed by a bikini/bay watch in or around Cannes.

I’m prefectly sure that Mark and Gulliver will pass nonchalantly for Baywatch types. All being well …

So, bring it on Mark, The Missus – and Gulliver of course.


Welcome to Gullivers Travel. An online journal following the travels … and paw prints … of an 8″ bear. His journey starts on the 13th August 2009 and his first destination is Vallauris, France.

From there, Gulliver could find himself in Spain … the States … Tasmania. Wherever his current Bear Keeper decides to send him. There are a few minor guidelines. There’s always guidelines … and you’ll find them in the ‘About G Travel’  section. Nothing difficult and certainly not rocket science.

There’s no time limit, this is all about seeing where Gulliver gets to and where he’s going to next. Join in the fun .. sign on to become a potential Bear Keeper.

Help Gulliver – Bear feet … across the world!

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