The idea was born from a very whistful … I wish I could fly moment. And so Gullivers Travel was born. A small and rather silly seed. Still. All things need a beginning. Even if it is born out of fear …

How It Works

On Wednesday, 13th of August, 2009, Gulliver will start out on his epic journey. His first destination is France, no less. At the time of writing, he already has many offers of free accomodation, fun and frolics. Once Gulliver arrives in France, he will be spending a day or two with a chap called Mark Knowles. After that … well Gulliver will go to a new Keeper of his choice. Simple.

The Details

Each Bear Keeper can host him for a couple of days. During that time, take pictures of what Gulliver is doing. Use your imagination, be inventive. Or just show him the sights. Hey … it doesn’t matter what you do so long as you avoid water!

Before he arrives … and you’ll know he’s coming … email your chosen Bear Keeper from the list in order to obtain their addess. Be prepared!

Once your time is up,  you simply send him to the Keeper that you have chosen … and that’s it! Wave Gulliver fondly on his way, happy in the memories of the times you got up to no good fun you had.

Then, send me a picture or two of Gulliver,  a little info about yourself, what you do etc – and of course something about the place in which you live. That’s the whole point of Gullivers Travel … discovering the world, step by step. Or paw by paw …

I’ll then add the details to the site and you can join other Bear Keepers in the Bear Pit … for posterity.

So – join Gullivers Travel – Bear Feet … Across The World!