I have it on good authority that Gulliver has arrived in Australia. He is now about to spend some time with a lovely family in a place called Noahs’ Park.  Gullivers’ current Keeper is none other than Darkside

darkside profile image

Famous on Hubpages for his knowledge, ‘how to’ hubs and dry wit. Quite the authority on a diverse array of topics and huge appreciater of his lovely wifes’ cooking. All being well, Darkside will introduce Gulliver to the wonders of goat riding, sheep husbandry and the Prevention Of Bovines On Ones Land.

I’m also hoping that some time in the country will aid Gullivers’ recovery from his current addictions:

  • pro-blogging
  • coffee
  • wine
  • bikini clad women
  • sunbathing

Or at least that’s the plan.

I am trusting Darkside with Gullivers return to his former self, after his little sojourn with Mark Knowles and all that went with spending time in the South of France. Or at least I’m expecting Gulliver to shed his love of (almost) Bear naked ladies and wine. I guess he can live with his other addictions.