I have no idea.

He’s definitely somewhere. Just a pity I don’t know his exact … whereabouts. I’m assuming he’s loitering around somewhere in France now, forging his way towards Mark Knowles. That’s the plan, anyway.

Something that was pointed out to me (after I placed his furryness in a bag on a plane) was the fact that I should have included a small, lightweight notebook with him, in order for his Keepers to write a small message or so that they could simply sign it – a bit like the way we used to get passport stamps everytime we crossed borders.

I may ask Mark if I can forward him one, so that he can send it with Gulliver.

Anyway – all being well Gulliver should appear in France tomorrow and finally start his journey proper. I had a look at Villauris – assuming there’s only one Villauris in France – and it certainly looks very beautiful.

I’m looking forwards to finding out more about the area, as that’s the point of Gullivers Travel.

Would you have heard of Villauris but for Gulliver? I know I wouldn’t have. And maybe this way we’ll all learn more about various parts of our world that we may not have without Gullivers Keepers’ being good enough to put up with his silly habits and treacle scoffing.

Bring it on, Villauris. And Mark Knowles of course …