Just on with some last minute messing with this journal. Then it’s … time. I’m going to take Gulliver to the post office catch his flight to Vallauris, France.

I don’t know much about Vallauris but that’s the point of Gullivers Travel – I will once he’s been there. Gulliver will be staying with an avid writer/ pro-blogger that goes by the name of Mark Knowles. I won’t write too much about Mark just yet as I want to add who he is in more detail after Gulliver has set off for his next destination.

However, in the meantime, you can read more about Mark, in his own words, here: Mark Knowles on Hubpages.

I have absolutely no idea when Gulliver will return or where he’s going to to be from one week to the next. What I do know is the fact that the world’s going to become a little more interesting from now on.

And all because of Gulliver – and the generosity of others.